Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Thesaurus Rape. A Public Awareness Announcment.

The young boy's lips parted softly as he exuded a sweet waft of life's breath into the surrounding atmosphere. The troposphere was clement, and droplets of saline sudor were forming on his alabaster brow. The man who was roosted abreast of him passed a hand gloved in obsidian leather across his own brow, and sussurated in exhaustion.

This. Is a sufferer of Thesaurus Rape. Dear readers, we have here a paragraph from a piece of fan-fiction regarding Final Fantasy 13. Now normally, considering it's a piece of Fan-Fic, I wouldn't even give it a second thought.

But it struck a chord. That could have been me, had I not been given the proper medical and educational help against this horrible affliction.

Let me start with a definition. Thesaurus Rape: Is the terrible affliction, where a writer, has a perfectly adequate paragraph/sentence. And then decides to swap every second word for a more...'appropriate' word..

Whilst I am tired. I'll post the rest of my rant tomorrow. Heh, Sorry guys... sleep beckons.

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