Friday, April 16, 2010

Shocking, I KNOW!

Well that was a surprise, a guy I used to know, and had a sort of something with. I use that term because there is no real way to describe it without getting into the nitty grits of it all.

But I went facebook lurking and found he had a new guy. I guess/hope a lot of people have those moments when an Ex, or a Something in my case, moves on, and granted it was about two years ago, and not to mention it was my fault it all stopped. So what could I expect? that he stayed hung up on it all and would never get over me?

Thats just a tad more selfish than I would have preferred. I could be jealous. Which I think I am. Because I'm at an impasse right now. Stuck in a small town for a year with recycled friends and no new experiences. All that I have left of a link to my friends is the internet.

But back to where I am right now which is a writers hell! It's not that it's bad. There's just nothing to talk about here. And the general male populace is either Super Camp Gay Guys. OR Mascu-Macho-Hetero-Heroes, that is = Straight.

I'd just like a spoonful of sugar, or failing that, a face-slap of new. If I think about it too much I can name any location/street of this town that I have bad memories, and they're constantly outweighing my good memories. Because those ones don't belong here, they all live in the places I've been outside this town. I used to think I was happy here, but I was just happy that I didnt have to move again.

I'm not happy here. I need to get out but how can I get out with no where to go to.