Monday, March 8, 2010


My Body-Clock, is for a lack of, completely rogered. It's screwed, if you will. I've spent the last few months staying up late on creative spurs... "Oh, maybe I'll get a whole bunch of writing done!" HA! I've caught you out mister brain lie. This is an endless paradox of bad behaviour. But It doesnt change the fact...I'm still AWAKE. I can't seem to force my brain to shutdown for 8 hours or so.

Sleep...Sleep...I'm going to eventually tumble off into some sort of random slew of phrases. I'm not sure when, but the random beast will strike tonight some time.

There's a bland cup of coffee to his right. A small notepad accompanies it, it's companion pencil sitting idly between loose fingers. The writer clenches his fingers in frustration, the sharp snap of the pencil echoing through the silent room. The noiseless noise, is far too noisy for his liking. He jams some headphones into his tired and sore ears and blasts as much Rock 'n' Roll as possible to drown out the Writers Block.

Sighing, he resigns himself to sleep. Except...he cannot sleep. He brews a fresh cup of coffee and snatches another pencil off his fride door, where he keeps the spares. He sits down infront of the notepad and his hand goes limp...the coffee stale.

That was lovely and productive now wasn't it. I don't even have a cup of coffee here. Hmm *Muses* Perhaps I should make some...Ah...that wouldn't serve my attempt to sleep now would it.

On a sidenote, I haven't ever been to concert in my life. That's rather depressing. I love music. I've also been to festivals as well, but an authentic concert with a headlining band, nope.

Anyway, now that I've written useless garbage I'm gonna whammie off to the land of the lull. Goodnight all.

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