Thursday, March 11, 2010

Job Interview Success.

Well it wasnt a success, but it wasn't a failure. Heh, it went well is what I'm trying to say here. I enjoyed it tons, which is an odd admission. But anyway, they were very nice. A dark guy, about 5ft7. and a shorter, dark haired girl, pale skin. Both very attractive. They were friendly and all that. I was, of course, nervous as all heck.

So every second word out of my mouth was usually some sort of weird hybrid of two words because brain functionality was just not working. Anyway, eventually I relaxed, as does happen when people around you are relaxed. By the end of it all, they both said I did good.

Apparently, I said something good too, they asked me something like, "Why should we hire you?" I blanked and in the split second of silence I blurted out, "Because you need me." And that, worked rather well...apparently. But yeah, so their end comments.

Girl: "You relaxed alot by the end of it all, and to be honest, I like you."
Guy: "Yeah, you're very unique."

So good?


FF13 is causing me to cry a lot. *shameful face* I keep dying in the boss fights...friggin butt surf. I'm still loving it...but c'mon....fighting an Airship? What did they think would happen?!

Sigh....Anyway. I'm off to try it again.

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