Monday, March 8, 2010

Final Fantasy-Gasm.

Today... The greatest series known to man-kind *In my Opinion* has released their newest familial addition in English, FF13. Today, I bought it. And today. I game-gasmed.

I heard all the reviews possible by australian sources. I was disappointed. None seemed to be able to grasp the game as an entire project. The visuals...Magnificent, the music...Superb. The story...captivating...So yes. I'm a fan-boy. And I understand people have different opinions so I'm not going to focus on those reviews right now.

For me, I've always loved FF. Every new addition I've played and loved. Some people have particular favourites but my tastes as rather flexible and I don't mind changes to system. So the battle/linearity/style of gameplay is all rather different and exciting and new.

The biggest gripe I have, and quite possibly the ONLY gripe I have, is the simple fact that when your Party Leader falls in battle, it's game over. Adding a stressfully difficult component of gameplay.

I've only been playing for roughly 2 hours so far, and I've died once. After that fail, I turned off and made a cup of tea. To calm myself and consult my brain as to how to NOT let that happen again. It wasn't frustration. I was just quizzical.

Plus I've always rushed through games, not really savouring the feel and atmosphere portrayed although, and may I warn you... SPOILERS Ahoy.


The moment that Hope's mother dies, actually made me sad, like sad enough to ALMOST cry. Not cry, but almost. It was rather touching.


But anyway, one last thing I would like to comment on is the voice-acting/english dubbing. I've read a lot, and I mean a lot. Of complaints about english dubbing in almost any game I've played/read about.

I for one, thought it was very enjoyable. I've no problems with the voices, they aren't at all overtly whiny/high-pitched, or atypical for archetype characters. I:E The strong masculine dude with the deep voice, or the angst ridden main character with a voice stuck on melancholic.

Over-all. This game deserves, (so far) a 9 Gysahl Green rating out of ten.. (9 Stars out of ten - for all you non FF-ers.)

Coincedently...why is it we rate things out of stars? What exactly does that have to do with how good something is...I might ponder that for later on.


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