Tuesday, March 9, 2010



That's how i'm feeling..Good, now that you're all caught up with news...

I've gotten a job interview for tomorrow. I hate interviews, they make me all nervous and stuff. I'm notoriously bad for getting sweaty skin for no reason. Usually in someplace unnoticable. My hands are probably the worst out of all them.

Anyway, so it's a job, and I'd love to get it. I'd love to have money. It sure would be nice. Plus my last job, at KFC, was a freakin hellhole. The pay, the work, the people. Minus a select few that is. But yeah, I just didnt like it.

Then I was un-employed for the rest of my school life, which was a further two years really. *Sigh* Anyway, now I sort of need money... Especially if I start Uni in Melbourne next year. It would be awesome to have some money to support myself. Plus I have many friends there. And I love visiting them, but for that, guess what I need? That's right money.

Anywho. I'll get there eventually. My writing is still on hold right now. I just can't get ze urges. Which sucks. The Writers Block ghost is a pain in the ass. I suppose. I am technically writing right now. But it's not exactly helping my block.

And that's it for now. So wish me luck for tomorrow, I'll probably write another blog tomorrow. For update purposes.

Later Alligator.

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