Monday, March 8, 2010

And So It Begins....Again....

So I've tried blogging on and off before. On many different types of forums and the like but none have really kept my interest for too long. I'm so much like a hummingbird it's not funny.'s a little funny.

A short introduction I believe is in order. I am a wannabe Writer/Novelist. I've never really stuck through with my long-term projects. At most I've written around about 25 Chapters for one singular novel. I have about 50 Projects on the go at once which can be absolutely terrifying. It's a monolithic task but it's what I aim to achieve one day. To finish them all.

Eh...Fat Chance.

I'm 18... as of recently. And I live in a rather small-ish town. Rather average populace, in both personality and size. I guess I'm not very different. I love the town, but I can't wait to get out one day. I'm currently on my GAP year, and I've been accepted into Deakin University so next year I'm off to the city.

But anyway.

The purpose of my blogging is for several purposes. Priority #1: Is that I at least get some writing down, even if it isn't specifically linked to my novels and such. Priority #2: Is so I can just relax and get my thoughts out into some outlet. Priority #3: Well, I don't really have one.

The reason I write though, is because I love having a world to control because I lack so much of it in my own life. Creating characters is...the writers equivalent of giving birth. They are our creation that we can then control and live through when our lives become mundane. - Specifically fantasy stories.

I write every genre really. But something I've discovered recently is that I LOVE writing game scripts...Yeah. Nerd. I know.

Yet, I've always gamed, and that probably had a lot to do with it. I'll probably update this blog with a side-note about whatever game I'm playing also, along with small excerpts from whatever I'm working on currently.

So yeah, stay tuned...or...linked...or whatever it is that you do. The Writing Bear has risen again! *cough cough*

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